3 Tips on How to Protect Plants from Deer This Spring

Bright yellow flowers in springtime

The joy of watching colorful tulips bloom in the springtime can unfortunately be lost to hungry deer. This spring planting season, enjoy growing tulips and planting new trees without worrying over deer. Learn how to protect plants from deer using these three tips, and look forward to a flourishing spring garden.

Deer Deterrent Plants

Deer will happily eat tulips, but the same cannot be said of daffodils, alliums, and crown imperial. In a garden bed, mix tulips with plants that are unappetizing to deer because of their strong fragrances. In addition to daffodils, alliums, and crown imperial, gardeners can deter hungry deer by planting lavender, mint, chives, garlic, marigolds, foxglove, and rosemary.

How to Protect New Trees from Deer

Deer enjoy chewing the bark of new trees, which can lead to a plant’s demise. If you are planning on planting new trees this spring, protect the bark by using a mesh tube or a tree shelter tube.

Install Deer Deterrent Devices

Nite Guard Solar is a deer deterrent device that has been proven effective at protecting spring gardens from hungry deer. Install Nite Guard Solar lights around your garden at a deer’s eye level. Depending upon your garden’s size and layout, you will need to use one to four Nite Guard Solar lights. Consult our installation guide for further details.

Have questions about how you can protect your spring garden from deer?

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