3 Ways Nite Guard Solar Can Protect Your Farm

In the Spring and Summer, it is extremely common to find that your farm has been ransacked by wild animals. These critters are more active in warm months and will be looking for food to consume or store as they prepare for Winter. Here are three ways Nite Guard Solar can protect your farm from unwanted visitors.

Protect Your Crops from Scavengers  

Produce farmers know that the most important step you can take is to protect your growing crops until it is time to harvest. Animal scavengers can be devastating, especially if they tear through your land just before the produce is ripe. 

During the daytime, animals like deer, rabbits, voles, and even feral cats may not come near your farm because they hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of farm equipment. As the sun sets and your staff return home for the evening, these critters feel more confident combing through your rows of produce for their next meal. If you wake up and notice vegetation that has been ripped off at the stems or produce nibbled but not fully consumed, this is a sign that you may have scavengers of all shapes and sizes. Their tracks and scat can provide clues about their species. 

Nite Guard Solar units can act as your around-the-clock security system without you having to be present after dark. Because the units mimic the reflective coating of other animals’ eyes, your scavengers will be deterred thinking that another predator is present. Just be sure to place the units at the eye line of the species that pesters your crops to ensure they see the flash of light and are repelled by the Nite Guard Solar unit. 

Protect Your Livestock from Predators 

For farmers who raise livestock such as cows or chickens, it can feel extremely costly to protect your animals with extensive electric fences, padlocks, trained guard dogs, and complex coop designs. Some predators can even maneuver around these physical defenses and still cause harm to your livestock. 

A cost-effective, humane, and proven strategy can be implementing the Nite Guard Solar defense system around your livestock’s fence, coop, or barn. Unlike physical security systems, the Nite Guard Solar device creates a psychological response within the potential predator. When they see the flash of red light, their mind associates this with seeing other nocturnal predators. Animals will not approach if they sense another predator is already in the area, keeping your livestock safe.  

Lights are visible from up to 500 yards away and will be shown automatically from dusk to dawn using the solar panel sensors. Because the system can be implemented year-round and requires little to no maintenance or care for up to three years, you can sleep easier knowing your livestock is protected and out of harm’s way.  

Protect Your Food Storage from Raccoons  

After you have successfully secured your produce fields and livestock using the Nite Guard Solar setup, you may feel as if your farm protection is complete. However, you do not want to overlook your food or grain storage in silos or storage troughs. Any spillage near these areas can cue resourceful creatures such as raccoons to the location of their next potential food supplies. If they determine the area contains a large amount of food, they may attract others and cause additional concerns. 

Keep animals from ruining your grains and stored produce by installing a Nite Guard Solar perimeter mount on all sides of the silo or trough. This deters the raccoons without harming them or exposing your grain to harmful chemical repellents. 

Because raccoons are agile creatures that can climb, you may want to consider installing Nite Guard Solar units at a few varying heights. These could be close to the ground, around human eye-level, and in-line with any surrounding treetops that the raccoons may hide in. 

Nite Guard Solar has many useful applications on your farm, while also being a safe, humane, and cost-effective security system. To purchase protection for your land, click here. 

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