4 Effective Methods of Scaring Away Coyotes

As the wolf population is increasingly decimated, the coyote population increases as its competition is eliminated. This means that the chance of a coyote threatening your pets or livestock is greater now than it used to be. If you don’t have animals on your property, a coyote may still hang around your yard. Even in suburban areas and cities, coyotes can pose a threat.
While coyotes are a threat to your property and animals, they do play an important role in keeping disease carrying rodent populations down. Do not harm, hunt or try to trap the coyotes. Instead, here are 4 humane yet effective ways to deter coyotes from your property.

Build a Tall Fence
Coyotes can jump considerable heights. When securing your yard against these predators, it is best to build a fence that is over 7 feet high and extends at least 12 inches into the ground to deter the animal from digging underneath the fence. Instead of chain link, which is easy for the agile coyote to climb, choose a smoother material for your fence that will be harder for the coyote to scale.

Remove All Temptation
Like any animal, coyotes seek food, water and shelter. However these predators can cause damage and destruction to your property and harm your pets or livestock, so it’s best to ensure that they find nothing to entice or tempt them into your yard. Do not leave food or garbage exposed, and make sure your garbage can lid is air tight. Don’t leave your dog or cat’s food outside, and keep all feed for livestock secured away. Finding food in your yard will likely cause coyotes to return in search of food again. Coyotes often travel in packs, and they love to hide. Deter them from coming onto your property by eliminating their possible hiding places. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed and do not let your grass grow tall. Lock up sheds and other outbuildings that coyotes could use for shelter.

Use Water
Coyotes hate water, so if they associate coming onto your property with getting wet, they are more likely to stay away. If you see a coyote on your property, go ahead and spray it with a hose. However coyotes usually don’t come around when humans are near, so it’s unlikely you will lay eyes on the predator. Consider installing a motion-activated sprinkler system on your property’s perimeter to deter coyotes as soon as they try to step foot on your land.

Install Nite Guard Solar Lights
A simple yet effective solution to a coyote problem, Nite Guard Solar lights are solar powered LED lights that give off a red flash of light throughout the night. The red light imitates the eyes of a predator animal, causing coyotes and other predators to keep away by tricking them into thinking they’re being watched. The best way to protect your property, pets, and livestock from coyotes is to install them at a coyote’s eye level (20-30 inches above the ground) facing in all four directions. It sounds like such a simple solution, but it is one that has been the saving grace of so many people across the nation.

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