5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Intruders

You put a lot of care into your home, making it a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable place for you and your family to live. It is filled with your memories, possessions, and even items that make your hobbies possible such as camping gear, art supplies, woodworking tools, or a boat. Just as you have invested in your house, you will also want to consider investing in security measures to protect it. Here are five simple ways to protect your home from intruders. 

Keep your front door locked.
Did you know that 34% of burglars simply walk in the front door? While it can seem easier to leave your front door locked, especially while you are at home or working in your yard, this is a very common time for intruders to enter. Install a deadbolt and keep your key with you on a lanyard as you are gardening or doing outdoor home maintenance. For time spent inside, ensure all members of your family understand that the exterior doors are to remain locked at all times. If your parents, neighbors, children’s babysitter, or other adults are frequently entering your home, provide them with a key and never leave the key under a doormat or easy place to locate. 

Secure first-floor glass windows and doors.
To create a first line of defense against window break ins, plant large shrubs or prickly bushes underneath first-floor windows. While some burglars may still find a way to enter your home, you want to make it as difficult as possible for them. Placing distance between intruders and windows shows them you have already taken preventative measures and most likely have more as well. Additional security can be added from inside, with shatter-resistant glass film or sensors that set off an alarm if the glass breaks. 

Have a nightly “shut-down” routine.
As we wind down from our busy daily lives, it can be easy to overlook night time security procedures. However, you do not want to take down your guard in the evening. All family members should agree to a routine of locking all doors and windows, turning on a few interior and exterior lights, and setting an alarm system if you have one. Give each person a section of the house that they are responsible for checking to make this more manageable. 

Protect your WiFi network.

Securing your home against intruders involves more than just physical protection. Your wireless network can leave you vulnerable to intruders. A security breach could take down any electronic safeguards you have in place if they are connected to your home WiFi. In order to prevent a hacker from taking down your internet-enabled security system, you can secure your wireless router, enable protected access and encryption, hide your network from being found by wireless devices, use a firewall, and create strong passwords. 

Maintain the appearance of security cameras. 

Similar to how animals are intimidated by the sight of another predator, another major deterrent for intruders is the appearance of enhanced security measures. In addition to those outlined above, you may want to install outdoor lighting that mimics the look of motion detectors or video camera recorders. NiteGuard Solar’s red beams are designed to intimidate unwanted animals by appearing like the eyes of another predator. The lights also look like a security camera turning on to record an intruder’s approach or a motion sensor that may alert homeowners. 

Home security cameras are not cheap, and while some homeowners may be able to install one in a prominent location, having multiple cameras may be out of reach. NiteGuard Solar lights are an economical solution that can be installed on all sides of a home to maintain the appearance of a legion of security cameras for a fraction for the cost. The best part? The red beams operate using solar power, so you never need to worry if a battery has run out. Installing this technology, along with adequate outdoor lighting that can be used if needed, is a key factor in protecting your home. 

While you hope never to face a home invasion, there may come a time when vandals and thieves enter your community. Following these simple steps can make it harder for intruders to get what they want and hopefully deter them from breaking into your home. To learn more about the benefits of the NiteGuard Solar outdoor security lighting system, visit https://shop.niteguard.com/products/nite-guard-solar

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