• Easily Deter Raccoons with These Tips


    Known for stealthily preying on chickens and feasting on lush garden greens, raccoons are nighttime nuisances. To prevent future unwelcome visits, the predator control experts at Nite Guard Solar have these easy tips on how to deter raccoons. If you take action, you can look forward to a property… learn more »

  • Wild Hogs Tearing Up My Yard: Try These Tips

    Published Wild hogs, wild pigs, feral pigs, feral hogs, razorbacks—they go by many names, but one thing is certain, they cause a lot of property damage. What can you do to keep wild hogs from tearing up your yard? The first step has nothing to do with building a fence or calling animal control. Instead, you need to find out why the wild hogs are on your property in the first place. learn more »
  • How to Keep Raccoons Out of Ponds — 5 Tips


    Raccoons are resilient creatures. They’ve easily adapted to human presence, and more raccoons (up to 20 times more!) are now living in urban areas than in the wild. Rurally, raccoons usually nest in hollow logs or rocky caves. In urban areas, though, you might find them in crawl spaces,… learn more »

  • How to Keep Coyotes Away — 5 Tips


    Have you seen evidence of the local coyote population on your own property? Coyote tracks? Tipped-over trash cans? Is coyote behavior becoming a threat to your sanity? With rural, suburban, and urban coyotes all increasing in numbers, it’s becoming more and more important to take precautions and minimize your… learn more »

  • Raccoons Eating Turtles


    Have You Experienced the Tragedy of a Raccoon Night Raid on Your Turtles?

    When a raccoon comes after your turtles, the aftermath can be heartbreaking. Sometimes this night visitor simply steals turtles and their eggs away, but other times, you have to deal with the aftermath. As you probably… learn more »

  • How to Protect Vineyards from Birds & Orchards from Deer


    As an owner of an orchard or a vineyard, your top concern is not losing your harvest. This is all too easy when your orchard or vineyard is open to hungry deer and birds. These creatures can kill young fruit trees, spread disease from plant to plant, and compromise… learn more »

  • Nite Guard Solar & Pond Predator Control


    Owning a fish or duck pond in your backyard can bring much pleasure and tranquility throughout the year. However, it may be difficult to summon such enjoyment when this pond becomes threatened by a predator. Rather than wait for a predator to discover your pond as an unprotected source of… learn more »

  • 2018 Nite Guard Holiday Gift Guide

    Published Our annual holiday gift guide includes gifts locally crafted in Minnesota. Happy Holidays from the team at Nite Guard. learn more »
  • What Are Wild Turkeys Afraid Of?

    Published At first, you may be delighted and surprised to see a wild turkey in your backyard. But as the days and weeks pass, you may find wild turkeys are eating your garden, scaring away birds, or frightening your children. learn more »
  • Find Out How You Can Keep Skunks Away from Your House 

    Published Apart from their strong stench, skunks pose little threat. However, if they get upset, they can spray you, your children, your pets, or your home. And removing that odor can be challenging. learn more »