Mountain Lion

  • Mountain Lion Safety


    Mountain lions (also known as cougars) can be found just about anywhere deer are, but are frequently found in rocky areas with mountainous terrain (like the West Coast). Mountain lions primarily hunt deer as their primary source of food. They’re more active at night, so you will most likely…

  • Use These 6 Tips to Protect Your Pets & Livestock From Mountain Lions


    Living away from the city comes with the joy of owning a piece of land where children and pets can run. In most cases, country homeowners even keep livestock for produce and food. And although a life away from the city comes with peace of mind, it also means…

  • How to Scare Away Mountain Lions and Cougars and Protect my Animals


    Having mountain lions and cougars on your property isn’t just a nuisance — it can be a real danger to you, your family and your pets. If you’ve got cougars and mountain lions roaming around your property, you need to find a way to scare them away as soon…