Find Out How You Can Keep Skunks Away from Your House 


Apart from their strong stench, skunks pose little threat. However, if they get upset, they can spray you, your children, your pets, or your home. And removing that odor can be challenging. On top of that, skunks also like to dig in your yard and garden, which can result in dead grass and plants. After you put all of that time and effort into tending your garden and growing a healthy, green yard, it can be frustrating to see your work go to waste. So, how do you keep the neighborhood skunk away from your house? Keep reading to find out. 


The Busy Season 

Fall is a time when skunks, and loads of other animals, become more active as they prepare for the long winter ahead. In fact, according to the Michigan State University Extension, as skunks get more active in neighborhoods across the country, so does their hotline with questions from people wondering what all the digging is about. 

“The time of year makes a difference in the frequency of digging. Often, more damage occurs in the fall and spring. Michigan State University Extension hotlines receive many calls at certain times of the year about mystery mounds.” 


Beyond the Smell, How to Tell 

If you don’t smell that distinctive skunk odor, how can you tell you’re dealing with a skunk? If you have noticed digging in your yard or garden, check out what the holes look like. Skunks have a distinctive digging style that looks very different from raccoons. Skunks are shallow diggers, while raccoons prefer to flip over larger chunks of sod and earth. 

This article from the Michigan State University Extension provides a helpful description of the different digging styles between skunks, raccoons, and moles. 



What in your yard could be attracting skunks? 

  • Do you have fruit trees with fallen, overripe fruit on the ground, waiting for a hungry skunk? 
  • Do you keep your garbage can outside? Maybe with a lid that can easily be pushed off? 
  • Do you feed your pets outside? Do you leave their food and water bowls outside, too? 
  • Do you have a vegetable garden without a fence? 
  • Does your garden have lots of yummy earthworms? While earthworms are great for soil health, earthworms and grubs also happen to be a favorite skunk snack. 


Keep Them Away 

To keep skunks away, you can try lots of different strategies. See which ones work the best with the skunk you’re dealing with. 

  • Ultrasonic animal repellent  
  • Coyote decoy 
  • Motion-activated sprinklers 
  • Nite Guard Solar lights 
  • Nite Guard Repellent Tape 
  • Used kitty litter 
  • Citrus peels 
  • Homemade hot pepper spray 
  • Homemade spicy garlic spread 
  • Build a fence 

How Nite Guard Can Assist 

Skunks are sneaky little things that can cause more problems than just stinking up around your home. They target chicken coops, backyard gardens, farms, vineyards, and any other sources of food on your property. With our Nite Guard Solar light, you can relax and let us take care of the rest. The solar light taps into a skunk’s primal fear of being watched and threatened, which is why our lights are a proven successful skunk deterrent. To be effective against skunks, place the lights approximately 25-50 feet apart around all four sides (perimeter mount) and at eye level to the predator, approximately 10-15 inches off the ground. Our solar light is focused on providing nighttime protection, but we do have a daytime reflective repellent tape that keep the pesky critters at bay during the day! We recommend cutting 5 – 6 strips about 30″ long. Place the strips at eye level, 20 – 25-foot intervals around and within the area you are trying to protect using shorter strips. Buy your daytime repellent tape here.  


Purchase your Nite Guard Solar and start protecting your property from skunks, today.  

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