Four Tips to Keep Wolves Away


If you live in a state with a wolf population, you know how serious of a threat they can pose if they find their way to your property. Whether you are a rancher looking to protect your livestock, or you are looking to protect your family and pets from potential harm, it is essential to find ways to deter wolves from calling your property home. Here are four tips for keeping wolves away from your land.

1. Get a Guard Dog

Humans have relied on dogs to protect their livestock and homes from wolves for centuries. If you have already been thinking about getting a dog, consider breeds such as the Great Pyrenees, Kangal, or Anatolian Shepherd for a dog that can be a great companion and guardian. The presence of these larger breeds can help deter wolves from wanting to enter your property, and these dogs can serve as an alarm in case of an unwanted intruder. 

2. Build a Fence

While this option can be expensive, putting up a fence can help keep wolves off your property. As wolves are incredibly athletic animals, your fence should be at least eight feet tall, ideally bending outward at the top to make entry even more difficult. Fences should also extend into the ground, bending out about a foot to prevent wolves from simply digging under the fence. If you feel that a fence alone is not enough protection, consider adding a coyote barrel to the top of your fence. This free-rotating cylinder will prevent predators from successfully climbing over your fence, with the added benefit of it also making it more difficult for your dogs to escape. 

3. Don’t Attract Their Prey

Wolves are much more likely to want to call an area home if it offers an abundant food supply. While wolves prefer to hunt larger animals such as elk, moose, caribou, or deer, they are opportunistic predators that will prey on smaller animals if given the chance. Some smaller species that wolves hunt include rabbit, mice, and ground squirrels. These smaller animals can be attracted by leaving out excessive bird seed, pet food, or easy access to food waste. In order to avoid attracting wolves to your home, be sure to secure your trash, feed your pets inside, and consider ditching your bird feeder. 

Nite Guard Solar Lights

For the best protection from wolves, install Nite Guard Solar Lights. Nite Guard Solar Lights function by flashing a red light from dusk until dawn, simulating the presence of another predator that will frighten wolves away from your home. These lights are automatic and solar powered, meaning they are self-charging and require no maintenance. Additionally, their soundless system will allow you to sleep peacefully through the night knowing that your land is safe from unwanted intruders. Nite Guard Solar Lights have an expected lifetime of three years, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind for years to come. Nite Guard Solar Lights are the most cost-effective option for protecting your home from wolves. If you want the best protection for your home, contact the experts at Nite Guard today. 

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