Four Ways to Keep Animals From Eating Your Fall Harvest

Fall harvest season is an exciting time as farmers are finally able to enjoy the success of the past season’s hard work planting and maintaining crops. However, this season can also signal a time of anxiety, as wild animals become hungrier in their preparation for winter. Here are four ways to keep these critters from eating your fall harvest. 

Wire Fencing

Your outer defenses are vital in preventing animals from ruining your harvest. Crops need to be protected when they are ripe but not yet harvested. For plants that grow low to the ground or on bushes, chicken wire fencing is an important barrier. Use a tightly woven mesh to ensure small rabbits or voles are not able to climb through. 

Secure Metal Storage

Many small critters are able to chew through plastic containers and fencing. It is best to forego this material altogether and store your harvested crops in a fully-enclosed metal warehouse with raised storage bins. Check all rubber door and window seals regularly to ensure rodents and other small pests have not chewed through the material in search of food.  

Mimic Predators

After setting up strong physical defenses, it is important to tap into the emotional “fight or flight” response of wildlife. Nite Guard Solar units emit a beam of red light that mimics the reflective coating of an animal’s eyes. When placed around your fence and warehouse, these units deter animals from entering because they think a predator is already lurking in the area. Consider the types of wildlife that are problematic in your area, and install Nite Guard Solar units at the relative eye level of those animals. If you have a major problem with deer, be sure to change the location of the units every few weeks. Unlike other wildlife, deer can become used to seeing something in the same location. 

Repel Animals Safely

As an additional defense around your ripened plants or harvested crops, consider installing Nite Guard Repellent Tape around your farm. This metallic tape has a holographic coating that produces a bright flash of light and rustling sound when blown in the wind. This sound startles animals that are a threat to your harvest, such as deer, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, and more. Because these animals often have a heightened sense of hearing, they sense the windblown tape even from long distances and trigger their “fight or flight” emotional response. Animals are not harmed by this, so it is a safe and humane defense system when combined with Nite Guard Solar. 

Follow these tips to help ensure your hard-earned harvest is not damaged by wildlife. To learn more about Night Guard and purchase your farm’s ethical defense system today, visit https://shop.niteguard.com 

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