How Do You Keep Wild Turkeys Off of Your Property?

Turkey from the rear

Do you have a problem with wild turkeys coming onto your property and destroying your landscaping? Are you looking for a way to scare the birds away, so they don’t damage your garden further? If you are, it’s time to start implementing solutions that deter wild turkeys from entering places that they’re not welcome. There are things you can do with minimal effort that make the birds go elsewhere.

Below are suggestions that make the job of keeping wild turkeys away from your yard, garden, and home easier. Follow the advice of experts in the industry. Having effective options to utilize gives you greater peace of mind. You won’t need to clean up the aftermath of the destruction caused by a flock of wild birds.

Create a Less Enticing Yard for Turkeys to Enter

By keeping the grass cut short and the bushes trimmed, you’re able to remove most of the coverage where wild turkeys hide. By keeping up with the yard work regularly, you identify spots that could be problematic. Flocks of birds cannot remain safe if they’re in plain sight. That’s why they look for hiding places in the yard when they sense a potential threat.

Keep a regular schedule for doing yard work. If you can’t handle the task yourself, hire a lawn company to do it for you. Communicate your needs clearly so that the professionals can keep your grass and bushes the length that you find preferable. It’s an investment that protects your property from unruly wild birds that could potentially destroy it.

Make It Hard for Wild Turkeys to Find Food

Bird feeders supply wild turkeys with plenty of food to enjoy. When the seeds fall to the ground, they gobble them up with reckless abandon. Taking the time to rethink how you feed the birds in your area is ideal. Investing in birdseed balls and bells can supply your feathered friends with food while minimizing the amount of fallen seed landing on the ground. If the wild turkeys want to eat, they’ll need to find somewhere else to call their buffet.

Hanging bird feeders close to the house is another option that could prevent birds from calling your property their meal ticket. They’ll need to be fast to avoid running into humans. Most birds won’t bother because they sense the commotion that takes place when you open your front door and climb out onto the porch after being inside.

Change Up the Environment

Wild turkeys, like humans, don’t like change. When you disrupt their environment, it causes them to go elsewhere. That’s where adding items that are out of their standard field of vision comes in handy. Think scarecrows and even sculptures made to look like predatory animals.

Be strategic in your placement of objects. You don’t want to overpopulate one area with deterrents and forget about other areas of entry. Observing the wild turkeys and learning their behavior patterns concerning movement can help you become better prepared to keep them out of your yard for good.

Add Water to Your Property

A small pond and an activated sprinkler system are ample enough to keep birds away from your property. Wild turkeys hate water and don’t like being wet. If you install a motion-activated timer to your sprinkler, it will go off anytime there is a physical threat close by. The turkeys will run and take cover to avoid getting water on themselves.

Some people even suggest creating a scarecrow with a sprinkler attachment as an even more effective way to keep the birds out of your premises. Think about the different ways you can affix a hose to the figure. The time it takes to work things out pays off in the long run by giving you less exposure to wild turkeys. They’ll stay away for good.

Tape Off Your Yard for a Turkey Barrier

Creating barriers using reflective tape is highly beneficial. It allows you to make use of sunlight to create flashes of light. When the wild turkeys approach the tape, they’ll also hear sounds that they’re not used to hearing. The crackling of the reflective material paired with light will be enough to send them away from your property and into another neighborhood area.

Act Aggressive in Turkeys’ Presence

Wild turkeys scare easily. You can shoo them away from your property by shouting, flapping your arms up and down, or even tossing something at them. They don’t like loud noises or unfamiliar items, which is what can keep the birds out of your yard for good. You may not get rid of them by taking this action alone, but you can enhance the effectiveness of the other deterrents listed above by acting aggressively.

Invest in Nite Guard Solar Lights to Scare Wild Turkeys and Predators Away

Nite Guard Solar Lights provide another deterrent to wild turkeys who wander onto your property. The highly-effective light source is weatherproof, solar-powered, safe for children, adults, and pets, and a way to scare off intruders. It’s an investment that protects your property from unwanted visitors. When it comes to protecting your property, there are few solutions as effective as high-powered solar lights.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to deter wild turkey populations on your property. Each option entails a certain level of work and commitment on your behalf. Some are easier than others. You’ll also find options that work more effectively in your unique situation than others. To learn more about the solar lights and the company that sells them, contact Nite Guard Solar Lights for additional information.

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