How Does Winter Affect Nite Guard Products

Nite Guard’s solar lights and iridescent repellent tape are both weatherproof, making them great for protecting your land even during the harshest winter conditions. The only thing you’ll need to do during snow or ice storms is to make sure your Nite Guard products stay visible!

Nite Guard Solar

Nite Guard Solar is a solar-powered light that activates at dusk and flashes its red light all night. It’s a relatively small box that easily installs just about anywhere! Deter animals throughout the year–even in poor weather conditions. The solar panel that powers Nite Guard Solar gathers energy from the sun even in low-light conditions. Know that your property will remain guarded even if it’s stormed all day!

Did you know Nite Guard Solar can protect your home from unwanted human guests? Keep away potential home intruders by placing one of the products near entries or around the property. Intruders may confuse them for security cameras due to the blinking red light! Even if your power goes out and your true security system fails, Nite Guard Solar can act as a secondary line of protection and keep home intruders away from your property.

To keep your Nite Guard Solar working as it should, clear any snow, fallen leaves, or debris away from the light and solar panel. It will help the product work its best and ensure it will remain visible to any predator.

Nite Guard Repellent Tape

Nite Guard Repellent Tape is a simple solution to keep away predators both on the ground and in the sky. This iridescent, highly reflective tape shines bright and crackles as it blows in the wind. Both the noise and the bright reflective light keep away predators. The repellent tape is easy to install anywhere and can protect your property year-round from predators like hawks.

The only thing you should worry about this winter is keeping your livestock, pets, and property warm! There’s no need to worry about predators when you use Nite Guard. Protect your property with Nite Guard today!

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