How to Install for Particular Predators

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Owls & Hawks

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Small Ground Predator

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Large Ground Predator

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Mounting Instructions
The quantity of lights to use and their positioning is determined both by your area and the predator you want to deter. Below are guidelines to help you determine what will best suit your predator problem. The instructions do assume open, flat ground. If the area to be protected is located on a hill, adjust the height of the lights lower. If the area is located on lower ground, like a valley, adjust the height of the light to be higher. Also consider the surrounding area – if your area is flat and open then the lights will be able to be seen from a greater distance and can be placed further apart.

Nite Guard close up view diagram

Positioning Your Nite Guard Solar

Predators are determined to get at your poultry, livestock or crops and will circle the entire area searching for a safe entry. They must see the flash to be repelled; therefore the correct positioning of the light is critical. You are the best judge of the final positioning of your lights because each area is different in terms of terrain, buildings, grass, brush, and trees. Mount the lights at eye level of the animal to be stopped and face it away from the area to be protected. One to four lights will be required depending upon your application. It is NOT motion activated but will flash automatically from dusk through dawn so night animals are stopped at long distances (500 yards or more) away. They do not come in to investigate but see the flash as a threat the instant they are aware of it. Protecting ALL directions will eliminate the night animals from finding an alternate entry point.

Nite Guard cluster mount versus perimeter mount diagram


A cluster mount is where four lights are secured to one post. A perimeter mount is where the lights are placed around all sides of an area.


Charging Instructions
Activate your light IMMEDIATELY upon receipt by removing protective tape covering solar panel, then position per mounting instructions. It begins to flash the first night and will continue to activate each night using a light sensitive solar panel. If your light isn’t flashing after the third day of charging, contact us as it may be a defective unit.

Maintenance Free
Nite Guard Solar is completely weatherproof and will continue to function for years under extreme weather conditions. Blistering heat, below zero temperatures, rain, ice, snow and blowing dust/grime will not compromise the nightly function of this product.

Off-Season Storage Not Recommended
Storing the light during “off-season” is actually NOT recommended.  Through thorough testing it has been found that in some cases when the battery completely discharges it sometimes renders the unit unable to charge up again when brought out from storage.  To get the full average life of 3 years from each unit, continuous use is recommended.  Try using the lights for a different application during the off season, maybe as a security device near your doors or driveway entrance.