How Snow and Ice Affect Nite Guard Products

It’s the season of snow and ice, and food sources are scarce for wild animals. This tends to mean they will be visiting the property of humans to forage for their dinner. As wild animals invade your land, they can pose a threat to you and your children, your pets or livestock, and your home and property. But with Nite Guard products, you can enjoy wintertime without worrying about wild animals getting too close. Snow, ice, rain, or shine – Nite Guard’s weatherproof products are suitable for all types of climates!
How do snow and ice affect Nite Guard products? The short answer is: they don’t! Nite Guard’s solar predator lights and iridescent repellent tape are both weather proof and keep your land protected during harsh winter conditions.

Solar Lights
Nite Guard solar lights activate at dusk and will continue to flash all night, every night. In the winter, animals like raccoons, foxes, skunks, coyotes, and more are known to hunt for food by encroaching on human-occupied areas. Each of these animals can be deterred in a humane manner using solar powered predator lights. No matter the weather, Nite Guard’s light will remain vigilant, guarding your land from unwelcome creatures. The solar panel that powers the predator light can gather energy from the sun even in low light, bad weather conditions. This means that even if it snowed and stormed all day, your Nite Guard light will still shine a bright red come dusk.
The Nite Guard solar light is also a great deterrent against human intruders. With its flashing red light feature, the Nite Guard solar light appears as a security camera to would-be criminals. During harsh winter weather, your actual security system could go out or get clogged by snow, but the Nite Guard light will still be shining into the night and providing the appearance that your home is well surveilled.

Repellent Tape
Nite Guard Repellent Tape is simple to install and provides excellent protection against both birds and ground animals. The waterproof tape flashes and shines in the sun, creating bright spots of light that keep animals away. As the wind blows, the repellent tape makes a loud crackling noise that predator animals find frightening. When winter weather comes, Nite Guard Repellent Tape still shines bright through the snow and ice, offering year-round protection against predators such as hawks.
Nite Guard lights and repellent tape are economical, effective, and weatherproof, so you can enjoy the winter without worrying about your landscape becoming an easy target for wild animals or criminals. Keep your family and property safe this winter – order your Nite Guard products today!

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