How to Keep Skunk Out of Your Yard

Skunk Deterrent

We recently discussed how to keep raccoon out of ponds. Today, we’re continuing in this same vein with a blog post about the raccoon’s stinky friend, the skunk, and how to keep skunk out of your yard.

Hide the Food

So, why do skunk end up in your yard to begin with? More likely than not, they can smell food in your yard, and the scent of sustenance drives them to investigate.

Right now, it’s early September―that time of year when pears and peaches are ripening, and falling to the ground. If you have fruit trees in your yard, one of your best defenses is, thankfully, a simple one. Each evening, scour your yard for sources of food, from fallen pears and peaches to large crumbs around the picnic table.

If you find anything, pick it up, and dispose of it in a container or a place that’s skunk-proof. This can be an animal-proof trash can, or a trash can inside of a locked garage or shed. And if you missed a fallen pear, no need to fret!

This is where Nite Guard Solar lights have you covered.

A Common Fear

According to Jim Meyer, “[a]nimal behavior studies have shown that all night predators share a common fear of flashing lights as they perceive them to be another organism, such as a man or another animal, and feel threatened. Raccoons, opossum, fox, skunk, bear, cougar and coyote will leave your area alone”. Nite Guard Solar lights tap into this common fear, and that’s what makes our devices so effective at scaring away predator animals.

Learn how to install Nite Guard Solar lights to deter skunk.

Kathy’s Review:

What great lights…since we have put them on our property no skunk sightings and they still work great after 3 years. What a great product! — Kathy D.

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