Keep Away Wild Boars: A Success Story

In Texas, they’re called feral hogs. In Arkansas, they’re razorbacks. Whatever the local name for wild boar, everyone agrees that they’re extremely destructive creatures. One of our customers experienced their destructive nature firsthand, before installing Nite Guard Solar lights.

Irby lives in Texas on 65 acres with a creek and a lake. She began noticing damage to her grassy meadows from trampling hooves. Near the lake, she observed large holes dug into the wet earth. It took her little time to determine the culprit.

Time for Action

She soon had enough of feral hogs running rampant on her acreage. Irby wanted the freedom to enjoy her grassy meadows, serene lake, and babbling creek without the fear of a life-threatening encounter with a feral hog. This was when she decided to give Nite Guard Solar lights a try.

She purchased many of our predator lights, and was appreciative of the discount that we offered her for such a large order. Plus, Irby expressed gratitude for our fast shipping, since she was anxious to address the wild boar problem ASAP.

Installing the Lights

Installing Nite Guard Solar Lights to Keep Wild Boars Away

Irby used our installation instructions for large ground predators, with some modifications to best suit her property. She installed 3 Nite Guard Solar lights on 6×6 posts that were cut to 24”. To securely anchor the posts in place, she added eye bolts with ropes that could be pulled taut using tent stakes.

Nite Guard Solar Lights Installation for Wild Boards

Because she used many Nite Guard Solar lights on posts all over her 65 acres, she placed numbers on top of each post as a way to keep track of each post’s location.

Three Nite Guard Solar Lights on Posts for Wild Boars

Irby contacted us to let us know if her wild boar problems were a thing of the past. She said that the Nite Guard Solar lights “are sure running the wild hogs away. It’s wonderful to have our lakes back. They work everywhere.”

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