Keeping Animals Away from Your Fall Harvest

You worked hard all summer to grow your crops–don’t let pesky critters steal the fruits and vegetables of your labor! Wild animals only grow hungrier and more anxious about food as they prepare for the colder months. While you may be enjoying the success of growing a bountiful harvest after a summer of hard work, these animals may be eyeing your precious produce with widening eyes. Here are some ways you can keep hungry animals away from your ripe crops:

Chicken Wire

You may already have an average wooden picket fence or another type of fence around your garden or field. However, this typically isn’t enough to keep smaller animals like bunnies or squirrels from accessing your ripe for picking crops. For low-lying crops, chicken wire fencing can be a crucial defense to keeping out critters. Use tightly woven mesh to keep these animals out of your crops.

Secure Food Storage

If you’re storing produce in a warehouse, you may need to consider better storage options if you’re making these fatal mistakes. Don’t keep food in plastic storage bins—animals can easily chew through the plastic! Don’t keep these bins on the floor either.You want to keep your storage containers on raised platforms that animals cannot easily access. Animals cannot chew through metal, so consider using metal containers to secure your food. If your storage warehouse has doors and windows, make sure they stay properly sealed by regularly checking any rubber sealing to ensure no rodents or other pests have chewed through them.

Use Nite Guard Products

One of the easiest ways to keep animals away from your produce or food storage is by tapping into their “fight or flight” instinct. Animals will stay clear of your crops if they think a predator is around. Nite Guard Solar works by emitting a red flashing light that mimics the reflective coating commonly found in a predator’s eyes. When you place Nite Guard Solar around your crops or warehouse, animals are guaranteed to stay away.

Depending on what animals are threatening your crops or storage, you’ll want to place Nite Guard Solar at their eye level where they can see the blinking lights. Some animals like deer are smarter than others. Deer will figure out your scheme if the Nite Guard units have been in one place for too long. If deer are your problem, you will need to occasionally change the position of your Nite Guard units to keep the deer on their toes.

During the day you can also protect your crops with Nite Guard Repellent Tape. It’s a highly reflective tape that will keep predators away with both the flashing reflective lights and the crinkle noise it makes as it blows in the breeze. The noise and flashes will keep birds and other animals from coming near.

If you have any questions about Nite Guard products, feel free to call today so we can answer any questions you may have!

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