Nite Guard Solar & Pond Predator Control

Having a fish or duck pond in your backyard is an excellent way to bring your love of the natural world home. While your pond can bring much pleasure and tranquility throughout the year. However, your fish or ducks can easily become threatened by a predator. Rather than wait for a predator to discover your pond as an unprotected source of food, prepare your pond to prevent predator attacks in the first place.

Common predators to pond fish include birds such as herons, hawks, eagles, egrets, owls, and kingfishers. These birds stalk your fish pond from above before swooping down to take their prey. Coyotes, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, skunks, and other predator animals are likely culprits of duck attacks.

Methods of protecting your pond animals from predators include installing an electric fence around the perimeter, or covering your pond with netting. The former is not humane, and the latter inhibits growth of pond life and is not environmentally friendly. For pond owners who care about wildlife and the environment, a different solution is needed. Nite Guard Solar lights are the environmentally friendly, humane, and economical solution you’ve been looking for.

Because most predators that prey on fish and duck ponds pay their visits at night, one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways of deterring these unwanted visitors is to employ security lights. Nite Guard Solar predator deterrent lights have been proven by satisfied customers all over the world to prevent predator attacks. Nite Guard lights require no upkeep from you since they recharge every day using the power of the sun. You can rest easy knowing your solar lights are reliably doing their job to protect your backyard fish or duck pond.

What makes the Nite Guard Solar product so successful at controlling predators to pond fish or ducks is its intelligent use of mimicry. The flashing red light emitted by a Nite Guard Solar light mimics the eye of an adversary. Predators who may have planned to feast on the pond see that they have arrived too late, and do not want to risk injury in an attempt to dine alongside the perceived threat. However, this perceived threat is not really another predator at all, but the expertly designed Nite Guard Solar light.

During the daytime, while the Nite Guard Solar lights recharge for another night of superior protection, protect your pond from predators, such as blue heron, by creating a protective underwater environment. If the birds cannot see your fish, then they will fly off to find another food source. Strategically map out an underwater landscape that provides plenty of hiding areas for fish several feet below the surface. Once the sun sets, however, this simple method of protection may not be enough for cunning nighttime predators. Nite Guard Solar lights are another simple protective measure you can install to ensure your pond is kept safe 24 hours a day.

Whether you are working on protecting a fish or a duck pond from predator attacks, depend upon Nite Guard Solar to deliver an effective solution and a high quality product. Find out more about how Nite Guard Solar lights can safely and humanely solve your predator troubles by contacting one of our predator deterrent experts today.

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