Protect Your Livestock and Mother Earth with Nite Guard

At Nite Guard, we understand that protecting your livestock is a top priority. On top of that, we recognize the importance of protecting the planet we are living on. This is why we have crafted products  that use the natural sun rays so they don’t cause any actual harm to the environment. Today we will be  going over the environmental and protection benefits of choosing Night Guard Solar products for your  property. 

Solar Powered Protection 

Nite Guard Solar lights do exactly what they sound like: they use a high-quality solar panel to power a  rechargeable battery that makes the light work! Nite Guard lights turn on once darkness falls, so their  solar panel spends all day gathering up energy for the night ahead. The panel on a Nite Guard light can  

even charge during days with overcast conditions or spots where natural light is low. The rechargeable  battery on the light is long-lasting and should continue working as described for around three years.  

Solar panels are an incredible technology that allow us to truly harness the power of our planet to  create energy. As a renewable, clean energy source, solar powered devices do not release any harmful  emissions and can last for a long time since solar power is an unlimited source of energy.  

In addition to the benefits to Mother Earth, using solar powered devices helps save you money, too!  Nite Guard Solar lights “run” 24/7, whether they are gathering solar power or lighting up the night to  scare critters away. If you had to leave them plugged into outlets all day long, not only would you  struggle with limitations on where you can place them on your property, but you’d also probably see a  difference on your monthly energy bill! Lasting an average of three years and costing only $19.95, Nite  Guard solar powered predator lights are an excellent deal compared to the alternative.  

Keeping Your Animals Safe 

If you run a farm or ranch, keeping your animals safe is one of, if not, the most important priority you could have. From the dawn of time, there have been predator animals in the wild. More recently,  predator animals have been forced out of their secluded habitats and now frequently come into contact  with human dwellings – especially those with livestock, pets, or produce gardens. So, how do you scare  off predator animals? With another, larger predator – or, in our case, with a solar powered light that  imitates the watching eyes of a larger predator! With its blinking red light, this is what Nite Guard solar  lights do. As predators approach your property, they interpret the light as the eyes of another animal  and their instincts urge them to turn away.  

Nite Guard products can protect you and your animals from: 

  • Badger 
  • Bear 
  • Bobcat 
  • Coyote 
  • Deer
  • Feral Cat 
  • Fox 
  • Mink 
  • Mountain Lion 
  • Opossum 
  • Owl 
  • Raccoon 
  • Skunk 
  • Weasel 
  • Wild Boar 
  • Wild Turkey 
  • Wolf 
  • Woodpecker 

How Nite Guard Protects 

Nite Guard Solar doesn’t just protect farms from potentials predators. Our protection products can go  beyond farms. Aside from the eyes of a fearsome predator animal, what else does a blinking red light  look like? That’s it – a security camera! While you may already have a security camera on your property,  they can be expensive gadgets and you may not have as many as you’d like. With a Nite Guard solar powered light installed in strategic areas, you can give off the impression of having multiple security  cameras keeping watch over your property without having to shell out the cash that you would to get  the real thing. Nite Guard lights can be seen from far away and the red colored light easily cuts through  weather conditions such as snow, fog, rain, and more to ensure any potential intruders can see the  evidence of your “security system” no matter the conditions outside.  

Our products can protect: 

  • Gardens 
  • Vineyards  
  • Orchards 
  • Cabins 
  • Campsites 
  • And General Property 

Our team is full of experts who can assist in identifying wildlife that may be visiting your home, ranch, or  farm by reviewing habits, scat, and other evidence. They’ll help you design an effective strategy that  takes wildlife behavior into account. Contact us today and order your Nite Guard products at  https://www.niteguard.com/.

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