Rabbit Reviews

  • Ever since 2011 we started using Nite Guard around our 100′ x 60′ garden in the Berkshires. We have not lost one plant to deer, bear, coyote or rabbits. Every one that I tell about it is a bit doubtful at first. I have told each one if they are not happy with your product I would buy it from them and use it my self. One friend in VT had bears into his bee hives which were surrounded by electric wire, with Nite Guard the bears have stayed away. The key is to move the units every so... read more

    Joe von Korff, Port Washington, NY

  • I am a landscaper, and have a client who has a deer and rabbit problem beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, plants eaten as if they have been run over with a lawn mower, shrubs defoliated as if they’ve been in a nuclear war! I’ve ordered lights from you twice and love them. So – deer and rabbits beware! Love your lights, they work GREAT for deer if moved regularly.

    N. Rich, Bethesda, MD