Weasel Reviews

  • “At last, a trick that works! I am a fancy fowl hobbyist and have had everything from owl, weasel, coyote and coons as culprits. This year I read your article in Backyard Poultry and decided to try the Nite Guard. I have not lost a single critter to predators since putting the Nite Guard in place. I highly recommend the Nite Guard. It is a great investment.”

    H. Hamilton, ME

  • We have been using Nite Guards for years to protect our rabbit enclosures. They work great!

    J. Messier, VT

  • “As a beagle club member these lights work really good to protect our rabbit enclosures.”

    P. Timberlake, IN

  • “I’m getting ready to order more lights. I know they work and I have not been able to say that any dead rabbits that I’ve found since I put up the lights have been from a predator kill.”

    R. Beland, Jetersville, VA