Irby in Texas

We have many 6x6s out now, each with 3 Nite Guards and a lot of individual Nite Guards on posts all over the property. We use 6×6 treated lumber. These are cut at 24″ high. I add numbers to the top of each piece so we can keep track of their location on our 65 acres. We add eye bolts on two sides, so we can anchor the 6×6 with rope and tent stakes to the ground. We are very proud of our Nite Guards that help us night after night.

It’s wonderful to have our lakes back. Thank you for your assistance, fast shipping, and discounts. The Nite Guards are sure running the wild hogs away. THEY WORK everywhere…

I am now using the reflective tape in the fields. Bought it to hang inside the barn to keep birds out…Got to thinking of more uses for it…It is working great at our creeks or anywhere we hang it…Great.