Janee in Pleasantville, IA

Finally, something that really works! I live on the outskirts of a small town in Iowa and had two summers of hell with raccoons on my back deck and gazebo that sit less than twenty feet from a corn field. I trapped fifteen in a little over two months in a live trap. I was so tired of cleaning up their feces but the final straw was when they tore up all the cushions on my Pottery Barn deck furniture. I’d asked every farmer I knew for their advice but nothing worked. Then one day I ran across an ad for Nite Guard in a catalog. The price was very reasonable, the shipping was free, and there was a 90 day guarantee so I had nothing to lose. I haven’t seen a single raccoon (or evidence of one) in the six months since I started using it with the exception of one night when I heard them and discovered my unit was buried under 12 inches of snow. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but the theory behind it made sense to this biologist. I only wish I had discovered Nite Guard sooner and saved myself a lot of work and frustration. The whole town knew of my “raccoon saga” and now they know the solution. I tell EVERYONE what truly works.

Many, many thanks.