M. Hatfield, Columbus, IN

The night prior to installing your product I lost 9 hens. The weeks leading up to this I lost 1-3 per night. It was like I had become the local Coyote Kentucky Fried Chicken! I tried everything from traps to haunting them hard. All to no avail. The very night I installed the original Nite Guard Solar® units my loss went to exactly ZERO. I have not lost a single bird to any predator since then. It has been so effective that I have not even heard the coyotes howling in my area for at least the last 4-6 months, which corresponds to when I installed the first of the Nite Guards. I have never had this kind of success with any environmentally friendly product. Coyotes do serve a purpose, they keep the raccoons and opossums in check and by not having to destroy them in order to protect my hens and calves, I preserve my local ecosystems balance. This is the reason for my current reorder. You have the most effective product I have ever used. I would recommend your Nite Guard without hesitation.