Farmers, ranchers, gardeners, vineyard owners, cabin owners, and individuals with animals and property to protect from predators and other meddlesome night creatures rely upon Nite Guard Solar because it is a dependable, durable, and completely weatherproof solution. These outdoor security lights last for years, require no maintenance and withstand severe weather and extreme temperatures. Nite Guard Solar lights are easy to install, and once in place, they make the task of protecting poultry, livestock, gardens, and property simple. Rather than use precious time setting up and maintaining a complex and expensive predator deterrent system, with Nite Guard Solar lights properly installed, farmers can instead return to their fields, ranchers can look after their cattle, and gardeners can tend to their plants taking comfort in the knowledge that their property will be protected each and every night.

What is Nite Guard Solar?


  • I just wanted to say thank you for a great product! Several people have commented on my blinking red light in my driveway at night, but so far they haven’t asked any questions and I don’t volunteer anything either. I don’t know some folks as well as I’d like to. I live in the country and have a slight rise in my driveway and you cannot see if I am home until you drive in about one hundred feet. At night I do not close my gate but no one drives in part way anymore to ch... read more

    Ellen, British Columbia