• How to Protect Purple Martins from Predators and Keep them Thriving in Your Yard


    Attracting purple martins to your yard seems like a win-win deal: you get to enjoy their beauty and activity, and they have a safe place to feed, nest, and relax — at least, until they catch the attention of local predators, both winged and four-legged. Have you unwittingly lured…

  • Prevent Owl Attacks During the Winter Season


    Owl Attack Defenses: The Hungry Owl in Winter Is a Fearsome Predator

    The silent attack of owls in the night is legendary. From their specialized feather structure to their night vision, sharp talons, and powerful lift with prey in their claws, they dominate the night as they hunt. As…

  • How to Keep Owls Away


    Think of the relief you’d feel if you could guarantee that your cats, dogs, and chickens were safe from owls. While not the most always the most imminent threat to chickens and household pets, owls are best kept away.

    When deciding on the best owl protection for chickens and…